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What is the salary of a chief financial officer (CFO)?

The chief financial officer (CFO) has a key position in a company and is the chief administrative and financial officer. It will be in charge of the essential missions for the good progress of the activities and will be in front line if a problem arises, in particular as regards the budgetary management. If you are interested in the CFO position, here is everything you need to know about this job.

What is a chief financial officer (CFO)?

The chief financial officer will take the cap of administrative and financial director in a company. He will be responsible for supervising the entire administrative management of the company. All the procedures relating to the company will have no secrets for him, just like his operation in itself. The same is true for budget management, which will be one of its main tasks. Good cash management will be one of his major objectives and he will pay particular attention to it.

It is not uncommon to see a chief financial officer (CFO) also take the position of director of human resources. Note that in some cases, he will also be the best person to define and implement a recovery policy.

What studies should I do to become chief financial officer (CFO)?

For all those who want to exercise the position of chief financial officer (CFO), a master's degree in management control, in economics or in finance is essential. This level of study is equivalent to a BAC +5. To be able to exercise his profession at best, it is necessary for the CFO to have a perfect knowledge of the sector of activity in which he evolves. English proficiency is also a commonality among the majority of chief financial officers.

It should be noted that one of the essential qualities of a CFO is the ability to analyze financial risks, important knowledge of corporate law and public accounting, as well as a certain capacity in accounting management.

What is the salary of the CFO?

Depending on the professional experience and the type of company in which he operates, the salary of a CFO can vary considerably. While a newcomer can be paid up to € 3,700 gross per month, it is not uncommon to see completed CFOs earn up to € 18,000 gross per month.

In general, the average salary of a CFO is considered to be around € 66k gross per year.


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