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Office Manager job card

It is a profession that can be confused with that of assistant director. Originally, the Office Manager position was exported from the United States. A job that is still struggling to conquer French companies, but is gradually becoming democratic. Here is the presentation of the Office Manager fact sheet .

A job that requires multiple skills

In companies in the United States, they are called "Super Executive Assistant". Indeed, the one who occupies this position is very versatile, because working at the same time as secretary, accountant, administrative manager and in charge of human resources. By assuming all these skills, he ensures the smooth running of the company and especially the timetable of his superior. This position remains more open in small and medium enterprises where dynamism is the most sought after.

It is attributed responsibility for well-being within the company. This is because the Office Manager manages everything that contributes to better management in the company. He also deals with office equipment, computer equipment and furniture.

What are the main tasks of the Office Manager?

It is important to remember that the companies that require the services of an Office Manager are mostly SMEs with more than ten employees. In fact, when a small business passes the bar of 10 employees, the director has a hard time doing all the clerical work alone. For efficiency, it uses a versatile employee, the Office Manger. He has several missions within the company:

  • In a production company, he monitors the progress of contracts with suppliers and informs the director;
  • The director is very dependent on him for writing and following up his work agenda;
  • In super accounting secretary, he writes and verifies the quotes of the clients of the company;
  • As Human Resources Manager, he is responsible for, among other things, employment contracts and the leave of other employees of the company;
  • The layout of the premises of the company is also included in the missions of the Office Manager . This may include monitoring compliance with safety or hygiene standards;
  • He is also responsible for the supply and management of all office equipment.

In addition to these listed missions, the Office Manager is also responsible for organizing all meetings and fun items such as sports tournaments between employees. The job of Office Manager goes beyond that of Secretary or Assistant Director.

Training and salary of the Office Manager

There is a range of training that can lead to Office Manager . Among many others, you need to have a BTS in Assistant Manager, Executive Assistant or Assistant Management Small and Medium Enterprises. Management training is also allowed.

The salary of the Office Manager depends on his level of experience. For a newcomer on the job market, he can claim between 26,000 and 32,000 euros. For an experienced Office Manager, his remuneration ranges from 35,000 to 50,000 euros.


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