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Executive assistant job description

Assigned to a manager in company, the executive assistant appears as the right arm of the latter. Having the role of assisting his superior, this assistant makes every effort to ensure that the leader carries out his mission. As a key position in organizations, the position of executive assistant is very popular with female candidates. Let's explore more about the executive assistant job , its missions, its profile, the prospects of evolution and the training necessary to access it.

Role of the executive assistant

The executive assistant aims to support his superior in carrying out his missions by managing his agenda and discharging administrative tasks. Serving mainly as an interface between the manager and his main contacts, he fulfills the following executive assistant missions :

  • Pick up calls from the manager and send him important information;
  • To ensure the reading of the mail and the emails of the manager and to rank them in order of priority;
  • Archiving the mail
  • Manage the work of secretaries under his orders in a very large company;
  • Manage the agenda and organize the meetings of the manager according to his priorities and his availability;
  • Organize the movements of the manager;
  • Prepare the manager's working files and archive them;
  • Produce the minutes of meetings and ensure their dissemination;
  • Participate in debriefing sessions with his manager to be aware of the evolution of his work and the possible setbacks of his day.

Qualifications of an executive assistant

An executive assistant performs many administrative tasks including executive assistant assignments . Between phone calls, e-mails and mail, it must be organized and know how to sort the information in order of priority. To optimize his work, he must be able to work in multitasking with as much efficiency.

The assistant manager is in contact both with the services of his company and with people outside. He must know how to communicate and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.

Career and possibilities of evolution

It is not usually difficult for a novice manager assistant to enter the profession if his profile fits with the executive assistant job description . After several years of experience, an executive assistant acquires important skills in management. It can then be propelled to middle management positions, or even management as controller, product manager, sales manager, etc.

Required training

You enter the business of executive assistant with a diploma of type Bac + 2 minimum. In high school, the STMG (science and technology of management and management) is the one that best prepares for post-bac training. However, it is also possible to go through the ES channel. After the baccalaureate, several paths are opened to claim the profession of executive assistant. The diplomas most appreciated by recruiters are:

  • BTS assistant manager or the BTS assistant management PME-PMI;
  • DUT GEA or the DUT Tech de Co;
  • Pro Commerce degree or Pro Management license for organizations with specialty assistant manager;
  • Bachelor in business and management.


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