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Administrative and Financial Direction (DAF) salary

Considered indispensable in the company for which he works, the administrative and financial director has essential missions for the smooth running of the company's activities. This profession can sometimes seem a little complex so here is all the information you need to know about the position of Administrative and Financial Director.

An administrative and financial director, what is it?

The appellations of the administrative and financial director are numerous but group together the same missions. The latter will be responsible for all the supervision of the administrative management. In particular, he will have a close eye on the various procedures relating to the company, its operation and possibly the legal affairs that are related to the company. In addition, this professional is responsible for everything that revolves around the financial aspect of the company and it will be particularly a pillar in the management of cash.

Note that in some cases, the administrative and financial director may also be in charge of the human resources of a company. He will also be the person in charge of defining and setting up a recovery policy if the case arises.

What studies to do to become administrative and financial director?

To be able to access the position of administrative and financial director, it is necessary to have in hand a Master. The latter may have been obtained in different sectors such as the economy, finance or even the control of management. Obviously, a sharp knowledge in the sector of activity of the company in which it evolves will be essential. Most administrative and financial directors speak English fluently.

To be an administrative and financial director, a person must be able to analyze financial risks, manage all the accounting aspects of a company and have in-depth knowledge of corporate law and public accounting.

At what salary can an administrative and financial director claim?

In France, an administrative and financial director earns an average of € 66k gross per year. This remuneration will obviously depend on the professional experience of the person concerned as well as his years of seniority.

It is not uncommon to notice significant salary differences depending on the profiles of administrative and financial directors operating in various companies. While some will earn € 3,700 gross monthly others can claim a salary of € 18,000 gross per month.


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